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In 1955 Wes Lasher opened his first dealership in Downtown Sacramento. The dealership grew quickly out of a combination of great prices and exceptional customer service. Over the decades we have expanded to include many other lines, award winning parts and service departments, and now our online virtual dealerships. Elk Grove Acura is your premier Sacramento Acura Dealer. We offer Acura Sales, Service, Parts and Accessories, friendly and well trained staff who use the latest in automotive dealer technology to help serve you faster. Our beautiful new state of the art Acura facility provides a pleasant environment for purchasing or leasing your new Acura, and our Acura Service waiting room provides a quiet environment for you to work either from our wireless network on your laptop, or use a complimentary dealer provided PC while you wait.

The Lasher Auto Group is still family owned and operated as it has been for almost 60 years. We would like to make your Acura online experience with us the best that it can possibly be. Call or email us with any questions or a no hassle price quote. Let us show you why The Lasher Auto Group is "the store that cares".

Serving the Sacramento area, Elk Grove Acura, located at 8585 Laguna Grove Drive in Elk Grove, CA, is your premier retailer of new and used Acura vehicles. Our dedicated sales staff and top-trained technicians are here to make your auto shopping experience fun, easy and financially advantageous. Please utilize our various online resources and allow our excellent network of people to put you in your ideal car, truck or SUV today!

The Automotive History Of Folsom, Roseville And Elk Grove, California

Are you a car historian?  If so, you are likely familiar with the well-known significance of Detroit and Pontiac within the automotive world, but are you aware of the equally substantial automotive history developed in the cities of Roseville and Elk Grove?  Roseville and Elk Grove are historically known for serving as the automobile mecca for car enthusiasts looking to purchase their next vehicle.  These two cities are also recognized for being home to some of the earliest car dealerships of now-major brand names in the California area. The Roseville Auto Mall, one of the country?s largest car dealership groups, may have opened fairly recently (in 1989, to be precise), but it maintains the honor of being one of the most expansive car dealership lots in the country, as well as a favorite place for major car enthusiasts to buy their next ride. Housing over ten of the world?s most popular car brands, including BMW, Ford, Toyota, etc., Roseville Auto Mall has serviced thousands of satisfied customers, sold millions of dollars worth of inventory and has also donated over $50,000 to charity in this year alone.  Approximately 16 dealers currently hold a spot in the Roseville Auto Mall.

Elk Grove, on the other hand, is generally known for the Niello Dealership Group as well as the Wes Lasher Auto Group.  Louis Niello, a smart, caring, and hardworking car dealership owner whose dedication to excellent service quickly earned him an exceptional reputation, founded the Niello Dealership group in 1921.  With hard work and determination, Niello went on to build one of the longest-run family-owned companies in the California car dealership world.   In 1955, Louis Niello?s son, Richard Niello Sr., partnered with Wes Lasher, a salesman he had previously met while working at General Motors in San Francisco, and together they opened the first Volkswagen dealership in Downtown Sacramento.  The dealership expanded rapidly as the Volkswagen became a distinguished fixture on the American automotive landscape.  Eventually, Sacramento Volkswagen sales became so large that Lasher split amicably with Niello forming two separate Volkswagen dealerships in Sacramento: Lasher VW and Niello VW. 

Since then, the Wes Lasher Auto Group has expanded its Sacramento automotive presence to include many other lines, award winning parts and service departments and now an online virtual dealership.  Currently, the Lasher Auto Group operates Acura, Dodge, Ram, Jeep, Chrysler, Volkswagen, Audi, Subaru, Suzuki, GEM and Isuzu franchises.  The Lasher Auto Group is still family owned and operated by Wes?s sons Mark and Scott Lasher, and it continues to uphold the reputation built decades ago as ?the store that cares?.

At first glance, the Roseville and Elk Grove auto dealerships may appear similar to any generic auto mall; however, few dealerships possess the family history and the extraordinary success of the Roseville Auto Mall, the Niello Dealership Group and the Wes Lasher Auto Group.  It?s little wonder why the auto malls in Elk Grove and Roseville have become model businesses within the automotive world.  What initially began with a single Volkswagen dealership in 1955, the Lasher-Niello partnership has branched out into a small empire of dealerships that have become the go-to spot for all automotive enthusiasts.

How Roseville Got Its Name - "The Truth Behind Roseville's Name"

However, the fifth and most accepted explanation comes from Mrs. Cassie Tomer Hill, one of the town's earliest residents.  As explained by Hill, Roseville got its name from the plethora of wild roses that grew in the town's ravines.  Further support of Hill's explanation can be found in old newspaper comments that refer to the pervasiveness of wild flowers in the vicinity of Roseville.

The first mention of the town's namesake can be found in newspapers during the 1864 presidential race.  According to these reports, in November of 1864 residents of Roseville and vicinity cast 29 votes for the Republican candidate, Abraham Lincoln, and cast 17 votes for the Democratic nominee, General George McClellan.

The very first building to be erected at Roseville Junction was a rudimentary shed that functioned as a depot and freight shipping station by Roseville's pioneer resident, Cyrus W. Taylor.  The shipping station was located at the junction of the north and east bound lines of the Central Pacific Railroad. This building was the first of its kind to be constructed by the Central Pacific Company and ranchers soon began employing its shipping facilities.

History Of Roseville - "A Brief History of the City of Roseville"

Once deemed the "All America City" by Look Magazine, Roseville has embodied the ideal of a small American town for over a half-century. Until the discovery of gold in 1849 brought miners to the area, the South Placer grasslands were home to the Maidu Indians for over a thousand years. In 1864, the nation's first transcontinental railroad connected Sacramento and Roseville. When the track-laying crew from the Central Pacific Railroad crossed a rail line joining Lincoln and Folsom, they dubbed this crossing "Junction". Though there still remains speculation over how Junction earned its current name, Roseville, the town eventually evolved into a small trading center for local farmers.

The city, once overshadowed by Rocklin, began to expand in 1906 when the Southern Pacific Railroad roundhouse facilities transferred to Roseville. Incorporated in 1909, Roseville built sewer lines and employed a fire department, and between 1911 and 1914, over 100 structures were built in the town.

In 1913, Roseville constructed the world's biggest ice manufacturing plant to chill the produce being shipped throughout the country. By 1929, over 1,200 people were employed by the Roseville railroad yard, and when the Great Depression hit, over 2,000 of out of work residents found jobs with the Federal Works Progress Administration working on public infrastructure projects. The W.P.A. monogram can still be seen in many of Roseville's sidewalks.

When World War II began, Roseville's rail yards became much more active, and a thriving post-war construction boom brought about the creation of a new hospital and ultimately the Washington Underpass. When Interstate 80 passed through Roseville, South Placer County became linked with the rest of Northern California.

In 1955, Folsom Dam was completed to supply Roseville with a domestic water supply, and by 1970, the city emerged as a regional retail center. Roseville is currently the largest city in Placer County with a population of nearly 130,000 residents.

Folsom History - "A Brief History of the City of Folsom"

Folsom, a suburb of Sacramento, derived its name from U.S. Army Captain Joseph Libbey. In 1848, after the Mexican-American War, Folsom obtained a piece of land from the heirs of a San Francisco merchant named William Liedesdorff. The land holdings that Folsom acquired spread from Bradshaw Road along the south side of the American River to the present city of Folsom. After a lengthy battle to purchase the land, Folsom hired railroad pioneer, Theodore Judah, to help establish a town he named "Granite City".

Although Granite City was primarily occupied by gold miners seeking fortune along the south bank of the American River in the area known as Negro Bar, Folsom and Judah dreamed of one day making Granite City a railroad terminus connecting the town with Sacramento. Though Joseph died in 1855 before the railway was built, Granite City was later renamed Folsom in his honor. On February 22, 1856, the first train on the first railroad in the West arrived in Folsom from Sacramento.

In 1880, due to over-crowding at San Quentin, prison inmates constructed the famous Folsom Prison, made popular by Johnny Cash's song "Folsom Prison Blues". The Livermore family donated the land upon which the prison was built in exchange for prison labor to help build a hydro-electric dam from the American River for a sawmill. This project ultimately lead to construction of the Folsom Powerhouse when the Livermore family discovered that the natural force of running water could provide enough power to transmit to Sacramento. In 1895, Folsom made history with the first long-distance transmission of electricity, a total of 22 miles from Folsom to Sacramento. The Folsom Powerhouse is now recognized as a National Historic Landmark that helped launch the age of electricity.

In 1946, the Chamber of Commerce campaigned to make Folsom a city, and Eugene Kerr was elected as the city's first mayor. A decade later, Folsom Dam was built in 1956 and lead to the creation of one of Northern California's most popular lakes, Folsom Lake.

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